Middle School Recreational Rowing Team

Program: Middle School Recreational Team

Description: The Middle School Recreational Team gives middle school students interested in rowing a chance to get a feel for the rowing team without the pressure of competing constantly. Athletes will learn the basics of sweep rowing (one oar per person) and sculling (two oars per person), as well as experience land-based training on the rowing machines. The focus is on basic rowing skills and terms, with special attention to establishing good technique. Our 8-week session will give the kids a taste of what a rowing season is like and will hopefully build a desire to move to our Competitive Novice Team in the future. There will also be an opportunity for all rowers to participate in a scrimmage against other teams to close out the season!

Season: Fall 2021

Ages: 6th - 8th grade

Length: 8 weeks

Dates: Wednesday September 1st - Saturday October 23rd

Practice Times: Wednesdays 4:30 - 6:30 pm and Saturdays 10 am - 12 pm

Regattas: Scrimmage on October 23rd against two other Midwest teams!

Level: Recreational

Experience: No experience necessary

Location: Indianapolis Rowing Center: 7350 Eagle Beach Drive, Indianapolis IN 46254 (Eagle Creek Park Pass or daily park fee required for park admission)

Fee: $275

Payments: One time payment of $275

Financial Aid: Available based on need