Adult Rowing (age 21+)

While some members of the IRC Masters program have college or high school rowing experience, most took up rowing as adults. Rowing is a great fitness activity that utilizes all the body’s muscle groups but is easy on bones and joints. Rowing also is great for cardio vascular health.

Begin rowing by taking a Learn to Row class. In LTR participants learn the basics- the rowing stroke, the boats and oars, etc. Should you wish to continue, there’s Technical Rowing. Technical Rowing has regularly scheduled practices and goes beyond the basics by refining the rowing stroke and learning to row the shell with others. Technical practices not only teach rowing, but foster teamwork and friendships as everyone works together to improve their stroke.

For those looking for a more challenging activity, there is Competitive Rowing.  The competitive team races in events in summer and fall and often travels to Sarasota Florida in February for a much needed winter break.

Whether competing or practicing you’re an IRC Masters rower (it’s an age classification, not a skill level). You’ll meet new friends, learn a new skill and have the opportunity to enjoy beautiful Eagle Creek Park and Reservoir.