Master's Memberships & Programs

Memberships are paid at the beginning of the season. The outdoor season begins in March and runs through the end of October. Memberships do not include the US rowing membership or regatta fees. Participants must pay the fee to enter the park, daily passes are available however we strongly suggest the annual park pass.

Adult annual membership and program fees: 

Includes access to the boathouse facilities, club boats, oars, and ergs

One payment due at the beginning of the outdoor season which will begin in March and run through the end of October. Eagle creek park fee and US Rowing membership are NOT included. Participation in regattas is optional and not included in any fees.

  • IRC boathouse only membership
    • $515 regular membership
    • $360 for veterans and those under 30
  •  IRC Coached Programs: sculling and/or sweep program *Must have a boathouse membership to participate in the coached programs.
    • $440 regular IRC boathouse member
    • $308 for veterans and those under 30

Register for the for the annual membership with or without coached practices select  2023 IRC Masters Annual Membership.

Adult monthly boathouse membership with coaching:

  • $127 per month
  • $89 per month for veterans and those under 30

Chose the monthly option if you would like the flexibility of a monthly payment or the ability to start and stop anytime during the outdoor season. Notification to stop must be received by the 20th of the month in order to stop payment for the following month. To stop the monthly membership please email

To register for the monthly membership, Click on the Masters 2023 Monthly Membership


  • Boathouse facility use.
  • Sculling and/or sweep coached programs
  • Eagle Creek Park entrance fees, Regatta fees and US Rowing membership are NOT included in the membership.

All memberships for 2023 will include an equipment fee. We are committed to keeping club equipment in good repair and this fee will help us do that. When you return for the 2023 season you will notice that there are two new CoxBoxes, sweep oars, sculling oars, shoes, among other things that show we are committed to providing equipment that is enjoyable and safe to use.  

USRowing membership: IRC Members and participants of all our programs are required to hold an active USRowing membership. Due to our insurance requirements, this must be in place before taking any boat out on the water.

Financial Assistance: There are opportunities for financial assistance for membership and program fees. Click HERE for more information.