Adult Programs & Schedule

The Adults practice at Eagle Creek from mid-March through the beginning of November! If you have questions about our programs you can email

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Adult Learn-to-Row

Adult Learn-to-Row (LTR) is an introductory rowing class for adults with no previous rowing experience. Meeting twice a week for a month (8 classes), attendees will be taught basic rowing techniques on the rowing machine and on the water and be educated on rowing terminology, safety, and teamwork. Rowers will be instructed in sweep rowing in the barge and 8’s. At the end of this class rowers should be able to row “by 8s” at moderate pressure and low rates and be comfortable with setting and turning a boat as well as performing the basic pause and pick drills. 


Adult Technical Rowing

This program is for graduates of LTR and rowers with some previous experience rowing but who have been away from the sport for some time. Individuals wishing to skip the LTR experience should reach out to the Director of Rowing or the Masters Head Coach to discuss their experience and get an invitation. This is also a potential starting class for individuals who start training with IRC during the winter season and show good technical skills on the erg, again with coach invitation. 

The majority of rowers will spend at least one full spring/summer season in the technical rowing program, and quite possibly more. Rowers who wish to pursue sweep rowing will be taught more advanced technical drills and given the opportunity to become proficient rowing at race pressure and rates in both 8’s and 4’s Rowers. Rowers may also wish to pursue sculling, starting out in quads and doubles, and if they desire, becoming proficient in the single as well. Sweep rowing and sculling are not mutually exclusive and an individual may wish to pursue either or both of these rowing styles.

Technical rowers will be provided an opportunity to race several times during the summer and fall season, although there is no requirement that they do so. Where possible, technical rowers will be entered in “Recreational” category events against other rowers of similar experience at our home and other nearby regional regattas. Rowers not wishing to move on to a more advanced competitive experience, but who wish to row for physical fitness and social engagement with some low level competition, can remain indefinitely in the adult technical rowing program. 

Competitive Masters Rowing

The Competitive Masters Rowing program will focus primarily on developing a nationally competitive racing team. Fitness training and skills development will be correspondingly intense. Adult technical rowers wishing to compete at the highest level will need to make their interest known to their coach and, at the discretion of the head masters coach, be invited to try out. This will involve participation in one or more coached competitive practices, during which the athlete's performance will be evaluated. The head masters coach will make a determination if the athlete is prepared to move up to the competitive program, and if not, will provide the athlete with specific areas for improvement that they will need to work on in the technical program. Other criteria may also be included in the determination, including feedback from the technical coaches as well as erg performance. Rowers new to IRC with competitive rowing experience at the collegiate level or with another masters program may be accepted directly into the competitive program at the discretion of the head masters coach. Typically technical rowers will be invited to move to the competitive program prior to fall season, however coaches may invite rowers to try out for the competitive program at any time. 

Adults in the competitive program are expected to compete in the majority of the scheduled regattas each season, and are expected to participate in winter training activities. It is understood that life/work commitments sometimes get in the way, but the purpose of the competitive team is to prepare, as a team, to compete. Boat selections will be made by the masters coaches based on erg performance, on the water performance and evaluation, and a rowers age based handicaps all while considering athlete attendance at each regatta and what is possible based on a regatta’s schedule of events.