IRC Boathouse Protocols and Expectations

This is your boathouse and we need your help to keep it clean and well maintained. Therefore, anyone using the IRC Boathouse (programs, members, visitors, etc) is asked to follow these expectations and protocols.

  • Safety First! Beware of the weather, conditions on the water, other programs, boats, etc. Please do not leave anything in the pathways and major traffic areas in & around the boathouse or docks.
  • All boats must be signed out including your name, boat and time you left and returned and any items needing attention on the boat.
  • All IRC boats must be washed deck side up with attention given to cleaning the seat slides.
  • All IRC hulls must be rinsed and towel dried.
  • All oar handles should be cleaned with cleaner & rags.
  • Text a picture of any boat maintenance needs along with an explanation to ourboathouse manager at 317-797-8810.
  • If you use the ergs, please clean them with the cleaner and rags. If you see an erg thatyou did not use that looks dirty go ahead & clean that one too! Leave erg handles


  • If you are the last group, program or individual at the boathouse, please do thefollowing:
    • Make sure that the goose fence it up on the docks.
    • Make sure that the gas hut is closed & locked.
    • Put back anything you took out where you found it; tools, equipment, etc.
    • Pick up any trash you see laying around.
    • Close & secure all the doors.
    • Turn off the lights.
    • Turn off the fans.
    • Turn off the speaker.
    • Take all your belongings.
  • If you are playing music, please be thoughtful of the volume & type of music being played.
  • Be courteous of other groups, individuals, programs at the boathouse. We are privileged to be able to support many different programs and members – we are all part of the IRC family.