Junior Code of Conduct

All Indianapolis Junior rowers and their families agree to abide by the following Code of Conduct. Failure to comply with stipulations of this code of conduct may result in the failure to be boated at a regatta, temporary suspension of rowing privileges, dismissal from the team or other disciplinary measures as seen appropriate by the coaching staff.

Financial Obligations

• The Junior Rowing Program is self-funded. All rowers must pay their dues and expenses in a timely fashion, or it becomes more expensive for all participants.
• Anyone who cannot meet his or her financial obligations should inquire about a scholarship.
• Rowers will not be permitted to race or practice without payment.

Race Conduct and Sportsmanlike Behavior

• All rowers are to behave as the responsible young adults they are.
• Coaches, captains, other rowers, parents and spectators are to be treated with courtesy and respect at all times.
• Any behavior that negatively impacts the team as a whole will not be tolerated, and will result in suspension from the team. This includes but is not limited to bullying, hazing, and consistent negative behavior.
• Foul language, smoking, drinking, drugs, theft, or any other behavior deemed inappropriate by the coaching staff will not be tolerated and may result in suspension or expulsion from the junior program.
• A good night’s rest is critical to a successful race day. Rowers must abide by all curfews and allow their roommates to get the rest they need. Violation of the announced curfew times will not be tolerated.
• Any behavior deemed unsportsmanlike will be dealt with accordingly. Suspension and expulsion from the Junior Rowing program are potential consequences for particularly egregious offenses.
• Dues will not be refunded if a rower is suspended or expelled for inappropriate behavior.