USRowing Waiver

USRowing Club Code - U7B9H

This year an annual administrative fee of $5.75 is charged when Basic members join or renew and execute the USRowing annual waiver. There is no change to Championship member dues.

In preparation for practice and competition, we want to ensure everyone has updated their USRowing Membership and signed their online waiver. All membership activities will be completed through USRowing’s new Membership Portal. Please find instructions below, or click here for tutorial videos.

Athletes and parents will work on the ‘Individuals’ side of the portal.

If this will be your first USRowing membership, click 'Join' and follow the prompts to choose a membership level and then sign your waiver. Information about membership levels can be found here. *Note: The primary email you provide here will be used for password resets. Enter the email of the individual who will most likely be managing this account. USRowing can change this if necessary.

Rowers who already have accounts can click ‘Members’ and enter their member number and password. If you don’t remember the password, click ‘Set/Reset’.

You will be able to sign your waiver once you are logged in.

Remember to enter the club code when prompted, [U7B9H], so you appear on coach’s roster.

With a membership and an online waiver signed, you are ready to compete!