Indoor Winter Training

Due to the rise in COVID-19 cases in Indiana, and in consultation with the IRC Medical Advisory Committee and based on Mayor Hogsett's new restrictions, which requires all schools in Marion County to go virtual through the New Year, IRC has moved winter training to virtual. If during the winter training period we are able to move back to in person training, IRC will send out further details at that time. Details on how this winter training will be conducted and associated pricing can be found here.

As you might imagine, with the rise in Covid cases in Indiana, the training plans for the winter have been revisited several times over the past month. As a result of consultation with the IRC Medical Advisory Group, given Mayor Hogsetts directives and a few other complicating factors, we have decided to start winter training virtually and continue that way until such time as in-person training can be conducted safely for all involved.


What this means for the Masters group?

Initially, the cost for Winter Training was set at $300 based on financial analysis by the IRC Programs Committee. As a result of going virtual, we have decided to cut the cost by up to 50%. There will be multiple opportunities throughout the week to be on Zoom calls with IRC coaches and other rowers to participate in rigorous training and virtual camaraderie.


How that will work?

Since we already have quite a few registrants for winter training, the registration fees will remain unchanged at this time. If, when we reach March of 2021, we have had no in-person training, all registrants will receive a refund of their fees of $150. If, however, we are able to have a month or more of in-person training in 2021, the refund you receive will be adjusted appropriately (based on a rate of $50 per month) such that the refund will be a bit less because of the in-person training.


What about ergs?

We will have a limited number of ergs available for rent over the winter training season. The cost for renting an erg over the season will be $150. This means that, if you rent an erg from IRC, your winter training fee will be $300 (you will not receive a refund in March). The distribution of ergs will take place on Monday, November 30th at the IRC boathouse (or sometime that week if your schedule does not allow for pickup on the 30th, but that must be arranged directly with me). You must email me directly ( by Thursday, November 19th if you would like an erg for the winter. If we have enough ergs to honor your request, you will be notified by Monday, November 23rd. You must be able to pick up the erg on Monday, November 30th or sometime that week (not before).

Also, please note, if you rent an erg from IRC and we decide to have in-person training or we get to March and set the opening date for Spring outdoor rowing, ALL ergs must be returned in the specified date range to ensure a smooth transition to in-person training. Failure to do so will result in an inability to participate in the Spring 2021 season and/or being charged for the erg.

I am sure we are all saddened by not being able to erg together in-person, but please know that we will keep that option open when and if the current status of Covid cases in Central Indiana allows. Let me know if you have any questions and please stay safe.

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Saturday - 8-10am

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