The Indianapolis Rowing Center is a 501(c)3 not-for-profit organization.  All donations are tax exempt.

Membership fees to the rowing center help cover staff salaries (1 full time staff  and 1 part time staff member), operating costs and overhead costs. Program fees for the Adults, Masters and Juniors help cover coaches stipends, equipment maintenance, insurance and launch gas.  These fees DO NOT cover the purchase of new or used equipment, Financial Assistance for fellow teammates or Outreach Expenses.

Current members and junior rowers are able to row due to the generosity of those that came before us.  The equipment in the boathouse has been purchased using donations from our members, juniors, junior parents and friends and family of IRC.

Current Needs of IRC

There are different categories where donations can be designated to:

Equipment Fund

IRC's equipment gets used by all programs and classes - Adult Rowing, Masters Rowing, Junior Rowing and Learn to Row Classes.  The goal is to sell older boats, and replace them with newer boats, therefore increasing the average age of the fleet (1995 vs. 1998).  The purchase of rowing equipment is not built into the IRC budget and is not paid for through the membership fees and program fees. IRC relies on generous donors to help fund the purchase of equipment for our programs and classes.


The Annual Equipment Campaign begins in the Fall, and runs through the summer of the following year.  Each year there is a goal of x amount of dollars to raise for x type of boat. Below are the past and current campaigns:


  • Summer 2012 - purchased a 2006 Vespoli 8+, The Carter
  • Summer 2013 - purchased a 2013 Vespoli 2-/x, The Stoll
  • Summer 2014 - purchased two Vespoli 4+'s - The Cookie (2006) and The Wesley Davids (2005)
  • Summer 2015 - purchased a 2007 Vespoli 4+, The Alabama
  • Summer 2016 - purchased a 2015 Vespoli VHP41 4x/-
  • Spring 2018 - purchased a refurbished 2007 Vespoli 8
  • January 2019 - purchase a 2016 Resolute 2x/-


2018-2019 Goal:

This year we are raising money for 2 quads and a double/pair that will benefit both juniors and masters.  Consider naming a seat after someone you want to honor with a gift of $1,500 or naming the boat for $10,000, but gifts of any amount will help us add these boats to our fleet.

Annual Fund

IRC's Annual Fund helps support the general operating costs of the rowing center, such as staff salaries, utilities, and facility/equipment maintenance.  Membership fees alone do not cover all of the overhead costs associated with running a rowing center.

Outreach Fund

IRC has multiple Outreach Programs, here is an example of 2 that we have organized:


Adaptive Rowing for Hoosiers with physical disabilities.  Participants range from those with a spinal cord injury and are in a wheelchair, to someone who may be blind, deaf or a small deformity of a limb.  Adaptive rowing is separated into 3 categories - AS (arms & shoulders), TA (trunk & arms), LTA (leg, trunk & arms). IRC accommodates all categories.

The Adaptive Rowing Program has received 2 grants through the Christopher and Dana Reeve Foundation for the purchase of an adaptive single and an adaptive double.  IRC is very thankful for this grant! There are also other expenses associated with running this program, such as coaches stipends and accessory equipment purchases.


Cancer Support Community
The Indianapolis Rowing Center has partnered with the local Cancer Support Community organization to provide a weekly rowing class to cancer survivors, caregivers, and their families.

RowIndy provides a rowing program to underprivileged urban youth in the Indianapolis area.  

Scholarship Fund

IRC's mission is to provide rowing to all, no matter what their social or economic background is.  Rowing has an elitist aura surrounding it, drawing assumptions that only the rich can afford to row.  That is not the case at IRC. Rowing is for everyone, and if finances are a deciding factor on whether someone can row or not, IRC wants to help keep them on the water and around the boathouse.


Financial Assistance Awards are given to individuals who may not have the financial means to row.  A majority of these awards are given to youth rowers, but adults also apply for the membership and/or program fees.  Typically, an average of 10 youth (13%) apply for assistance in the spring and fall season, averaging $5,000 being awarded.

Endowment Fund

With a gift today or a planned gift, you can help ensure IRC’s future. IRC has two board-designated endowments. The “Fleet Development Endowment”,income supports the development of the Indianapolis Rowing Center’s fleet and related capital expenses. The Scholarship Endowment income funds scholarships for IRC rowers' membership fees and related expenses. The first named endowed scholarship has been established in honor of a junior rower, Audrey Lupton.